I'm a photographer and film-maker living and working in London. 

The photographs on this site are all shot on film in the recent past. I carry an analogue camera every day, often quite a large camera. I make photographs wherever I happen to be and I’m starting to develop authored work.

In Transit
Many of the images in the Photographs section are part of my project In Transit.  Going underground changes how I see. Tubular spaces lit by fluorescent tubes travel across the viewfinder. I just have to be open to what's present.

Shooting with film
I’m a dreamer and I find the physical nature of photography reassuring. I like to shoot and process film because it is a medium that requires a relationship. I can choose a different metering technique, a different developer and can it can reply “no” or “yes” or “try this". 

I’m making images and prints that affirm I was in a particular place at a particular moment with this particular piece of film when the light was a particular way. 

Simple decisions help me relate to the material world. Where to stand. What tools to use. When I photograph, I become present. While presence in itself isn’t much and this creative impulse isn’t unique, it's my interaction with the world. A tiny one which I hope with time and selection will create an effect far greater than my means.

I’m interested in photographs that display something of their making. And an unspoken approach. It's not Genesis. It begins with the light. The word can follow if it will.