ARK | 3m49s | featuring Simone Lahbib and Raffaello Degruttola
Written by Charlie Williams, produced by Andrea Thornton, directed by Mal Woolford

Thanks for stopping by to take a look! Please feel free to share ARK and shout about how great Simone is in it!
If you’re feeling adventurous, I have another short film you might like called RedBlack. And if you’re feeling inspired, you can follow my next project from the beginning – Out of the Blue promises to be dark and surprising too.

– Mal


  1. lisa todd
    8 March, 2013

    This was intriguing! Enjoyed it. Desperate Simone. Has that down to perfection and Raff is just too underrated.

    • malwoolford
      8 March, 2013

      Thanks Lisa. The level of concentration it took from them is really something.

  2. Lea
    14 March, 2013

    Came here via GoodReads — These actors are incredible and the story is very thought provoking. Wish it was a full length film!

    • malwoolford
      18 March, 2013

      Hi Lea – funny you should say that. ARK and its sister film REDBLACK are both early sketches for a feature. I’m close to finishing the script for OUT OF THE BLUE and I’ll be adding more to this site as the film gets under way. Thanks for stopping by – Mal

  3. HelenAddict
    15 March, 2013

    Oh my God ! Is Simone schizophrenic now ?! Thanks to share your short. I’m always happy to watch Simone Lahbib.
    Mr Woolford, is it possible to share this short on my french website dedicated to Simone. Thank you.

    • malwoolford
      18 March, 2013

      Hello HA – really happy for you to link to this page. ARK has received a great response in France – at the Cannes Film Festival and at Festival du Cinema Franco-Britannique in Le Touquet. Glad you like the film too!